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The Estate is home to an ever growing community of independent businesses, skilled makers, renowned artists and invigorating experience providers.


Blackleys Country Style Interiors

Refurbished farmhouse and countryside furniture, home accessories and gifts.

Open Hours: 
Thursday & Friday 10am-3pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm

Call: 07885 618450


Rachel Elizabeth wood

(Opening Spring 2019)

British-born jewellery brand founded by entrepreneur, designer & goldsmith Rachel Elizabeth Wood in 2012.

Every item of jewellery is individually handcrafted using the finest materials and traditional techniques. Each piece combines British style and contemporary design with a dash of eccentricity. 

Rachel’s award winning work is collected worldwide and has been exhibited in prestigious institutions, including the V&A Museum and the British Museum.

poetry and prose.png

Poetry & Prose

Interdisciplinary Arts by S.L Dobson.

Poetry & Prose was formed as a response to a life long passion for the Arts. Poetry in this sense is not least the written form, but encompasses the full spectrum of the Arts; whether visual or not, it is the idea that creativity in all its forms is indeed, poetry for the soul. The Prose? well that is when we convey in words the profound power of the Arts (and society) to move and inspire us in ways that enhance our well-being.